The monument

mercredi 20 janvier 2016
par  Monique Daniel
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1.Introducing the site

a) What is it ? : It’s a column

b) Architects : Christopher Wren and Robert Hook

c) Name : The Monument

d) Dates : from 1671 to 1677

e) Style : it’s a Roman doric fluted column

f) Place : In the City of London , at the junction of Monument Street and Fish Street Hill , the place where a fire broke out in Pudding Lane on September 2nd , 1666.

g) Historical context : On September 2nd, 1666 a fire broke out in Pudding Lane at Thomas Farrinor’s, the King’s baker. The town was nearly destroyed because the medieval houses were built in wood, the streets were narrow and the winds were very strong. This fire is called The Great Fire.

2- Describe and analyse

a) Composition (Describe )
This large column is 61 m high ( situated at 61 meters from the starting point of the fire). At the top, there is a platform surrounded by a cage built in the 19th century which is topped with by gilded urn of fire. On the sides of the base there are some inscriptions in Latin. On the different sides of the base there are some sculpture telling the story of the Fire and of the re-building of the town.

b) Technics (materials and machinaries) :
It’s built in Portland stones ( from Italy).There is a narrow staircase of 311 steps of 6 inches high to go up to the top. The Monument is also a scientific monument. In the inside, there is a zenith telescope to make experiments on gravity and pendulum. The steps of the stairs are used for studies about barometric pressure.

c) Style (architectural) : A Roman doric fluted column

d) Think about it

Why was it created ? :
It was built to commemorate The Great Fire of 1666 but also to create a scientific instrument.

What is it today ? :
It’s a famous place to visit and, as a 360°panoramic camera has been installed on the top, it gives information about the weather, the building and the ground activity in the City of London.









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